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No current emergencies

September 10, 2014 1:07PM
There are no emergency alerts or warnings at this time

The Office of Emergency Management welcomes your comments on the methods used to push notices out to the community.  Should you wish to contact us please email: emergencymanagement@txstate.edu or call at 512-245-6636.

Alert Archive (as posted during actual event)

The Texas State University Police Department is issuing a Crime Alert for Bicycle Thefts: For more details: http://t.co/m7RIpx4lSW
Wed Sep 17 11:11:43 CDT 2014
Crime Stoppers notice: see http://t.co/m7RIpx4lSW
Wed Sep 17 06:42:41 CDT 2014
Testing TXState Alert-This is only a test. For questions please call Emergency Management at 512-245-6636.
Wed Sep 10 12:00:07 CDT 2014
Timely Warnings: At approxi 3 a.m. Friday, August 22, UPD received a report of an assault and robbery see http://t.co/m7RIpx4lSW
Fri Aug 22 07:36:37 CDT 2014
TxState Weather Alert DELAYED START. Due to weather conditions classes will begin & offices will open at 10:00AM. See http://t.co/wqqlsy09RT
Tue Feb 11 05:29:45 CST 2014
TXState Alert... Univ. operations and classes are CLOSED Friday, Feb. 7. See http://t.co/O90wzvD9MZ for details
Fri Feb 07 10:45:31 CST 2014
TXState Alert... All Classes Cancelled on Feb. 7 for San Marcos & Round Rock Campuses. See http://t.co/O90wzvD9MZ for details
Fri Feb 07 10:19:05 CST 2014
TXState Alert... Delayed Start until 12:00PM on Feb 7 for San Marcos & Round Rock Campuses. See http://t.co/O90wzvD9MZ for details
Thu Feb 06 22:40:20 CST 2014
TXState Alert... Delayed Opening for San Marcos and Round Rock Campuses until 10:00AM. See http://t.co/O90wzvD9MZ for details
Thu Feb 06 05:22:30 CST 2014
TXState Alert- Texas State University will return to normal operations and classes will resume beginning Saturday, January 25
Fri Jan 24 15:55:22 CST 2014
EMERGENCY - TXState Alert Due to severe weather, Texas State University’s San Marcos and Round Rock Campuses will be closed
Fri Jan 24 04:56:09 CST 2014
Texas State University has completed a successful test of the TxState Alert system
Thu Jan 23 12:37:49 CST 2014
TEST of the TxState Alert System This is only a test. In an actual emergency see http://t.co/8Bf4k4iNNj for details. Authority TXStateOoEM
Thu Jan 23 12:06:40 CST 2014
An Emergency Notification system test will be performed on Thursday 23rd at noon. See http://t.co/7SApYyqNZ4
Wed Jan 22 12:49:32 CST 2014
TXState Alert - EMERGENCY ENDED... Resume normal activities. See http://t.co/O90wzvD9MZ for details.
Tue Jan 14 06:37:15 CST 2014
TxState Alert.San Marcos Campus. The following areas are closed: Student Center Dr, Gailardia, and Thomas St. All buildings are open
Tue Jan 14 06:14:54 CST 2014
EMERGENCY — TXState Alert... Bomb threat in area of College Inn and Comanche St. San Marcos Campus. Area Closed remain clear of area.
Tue Jan 14 01:56:52 CST 2014
EMERGENCY — TXState Alert... Gas leak does not appear to be on campus, all clear for area remaining odor will disperse in time
Fri Dec 13 11:14:20 CST 2013
EMERGENCY — TXState Alert...Gas leak update remain in buildings Police will advise if evac needed
Fri Dec 13 11:01:23 CST 2013
EMERGENCY — TXState Alert.Gas leak from unknown source in the area of JCK building and central areas of campus. Fire dept is in route
Fri Dec 13 10:45:18 CST 2013
TXState Alert.Robbery. Near intersection of Lueders St. & Llano Cir. Susp.White male,6’2”,dark hair,gray pants,dark gray long sleeve shirt.
Mon Dec 09 23:56:52 CST 2013
EMERGENCY — TXState Alert.Robbery gun point near the intersec of Clark and Ramsay St. Susp. 2 Hispanic males,20's, green/wh jacket jeans
Mon Nov 25 20:15:02 CST 2013
EMERGENCY - TXState Alert.At 2:00a a 6 ft Blk male wearing a blk sweat shirt assaulted a female while entering Elliot hall.
Thu Nov 14 04:44:31 CST 2013
There are no current alerts at this time.
Fri Sep 13 12:37:25 CDT 2013
EMERGENCY - TXState Alert...At 9:40a Bobcat Village a Blk male dressed blk 5ft 11in robbed fem call 911 if seen
Sun Sep 01 10:21:04 CDT 2013

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