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How the community is notified of an incident

The Police Department is responsible for all emergencies on campus. This response includes not only criminal acts but also fires, chemical spills, gas or other type leaks and weather emergencies.

Once notified of an emergency responding officers and police department supervisory staff will determine if the situation requires a campus wide notification or if a notification to just a selected area should be given.

Once decided an emergency message is warranted one or more of the following methods will be used:

(Note: Not all methods above will be used during an emergency. The university web page will be used to provide follow up information as needed.)

Updates to the community will normally be sent using the same method as the original emergency notice but other methods may be used as deemed necessary.

Once the emergency has ended, notice will be sent out to the community using the same methods as the original notification. The university web page will also be updated with the notice the emergency has ended.

All media inquires will be forwarded to the University News Service to be addressed. Please do not call 911 asking for press releases.