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Weather Emergencies

Closures or cancellations due to severe weather will be announced via several methods, including:

  • The university home page at
  • E-mail from the University News Service or the University Police Department to all students, faculty and staff
  • Messages recorded on the university news hotline at 512.245.2424
  • Voicemail messages sent to all campus telephones
  • Local media announcements
  • Texas State weather emergency siren system

University closure due to severe weather is announced as soon as the decision to close has been made. The most reliable sources for this information are the university website, the university’s recorded news bulletin and mass e-mail distributions from the University News Service. While area media will always be informed of closures, there is no guarantee that the information will be carried by all media or that it will always be reported accurately.

Texas State Weather Warning System:

Texas State University utilizes a dangerous lightning prediction warning system. The system uses a horn array and strobe-light warning mechanism to alert the campus of approaching weather systems that have the potential to produce dangerous lightning. If this occurs, the horn array will sound two times for 15 seconds and strobes will be activated throughout the alert.

If the Texas State weather warning system is activated, you are advised to seek shelter in the nearest available open building, away from windows, or in a low-lying area until the all clear alarm has sounded. The all clear alert will be three five-second sirens.

The system will be tested monthly by sounding of the horns. During the fall and spring semesters on the third Friday of each month, a full emergency notification test will be performed.

ThorGuard Red Alert